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Juni 3, 2014

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Questions and Answers

The best place to promote/sell solid oak garden furniture?

Hi everyone. I have brand new solid oak garden furniture to sell in the UK but I am not sure what the best way of promoting it would be. I thought of contacting catalogues and local furniture shops, or is that just a waste of time? I am asking for ideas (apart from eBay please).

Thank you.

Posted by mivsher
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Hi, Where I live there are a number of wine bars and restaurants that have nice outdoor areas and a number of local artists and crafts people sell their products there. All the tables and chairs can be bought. No only does it offer the restaurant / bar an opportunity to earn commission on sales but it also means that they do not have buy their own outdoor furniture and also they often get attractive and unusual furniture to display which enhances the appearance of their garden / outdoor areas. Have a look at the Georges Restaurant pics where they have some interesting example of hand carved oak furniture that customers can also buy, see : Http://www.thegeorges.uk.com/gallery/Geo… and Http://www.thegeorges.uk.com/gallery/Geo…

Coalbrookdale Garden Furniture?

A friend of mine is a landscape gardener; and on the job they are on, they have a wrought iron 5 slat, white painted garden bench, which is VERY heavy. VERY heavy. It is certainly wrought iron. It has the appearance of being old. So, on the description he gave me, we have looked it up on the Internet, and it seems possible that it is a Coalbrookdale 'Lily of the Valley' garden bench. We have to wait for a few days to see if it has the 'Coalbrookdale' stamp on the ironwork. If it is an original, any ideas of anything about it? I.e. Is it worth anything? Seen one, of a different pattern, but by the same people,sold at Bonhams, 3 years ago, for over £3000! The people want shot of it; they can have it! I should be so lucky!!!!

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Hi – have a look on this website – although they don't say what the price is – perhaps you could either ring or email them for a price?


Also have a look on this site at this Coalbrookdale lily of the valley bench – although this has already been sold – it will give you close up pictures of the stamp that you need to look for:


If you get it – it would be nice to paint it in these colours :)

Good Luck – it is very beautiful :)

Got some old wooden garden furniture how do I cheer it up?

I have a solid teak garden table and chairs been put in the elements for years no damage but want to renovate what can I clean it with and then how do I treat it? Is it teak oil or varnish or something like saddling to bring it back to it's former glory!

Posted by susan o
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I am involved with the exact same project as we speak.

I did some research because I wanted to do it right the first time and I wanted to use a product that was easy to maintain as well as weather proof my furniture.

I bought sandpaper in a medium roughness and sanded down the entire old finish off. Sanding every single surface of the furniture to bring it down to the raw wood. Then I replaced screws that were loose.

The research on finishes lead me to two choices. Teak Oil or Tung Oil. Teak oil is for teak, mahogany and rosewood woods. I could not identify my furniture as any of those woods, so I selected the Tung Oil. Both of these products are very desirable for outdoor furniture as the product does not coat the wood like paint does. Instead, it seeps into the wood grain and hardens there, making a fantastic seal against the elements. Teak and Tung Oil penetrate the wood and will never chip, peel or crack because it becomes part of the wood, not just coating it.

Either oil will darken the wood a bit. However, it will bring out a rich color and highlight the texture and grain of the wood. I cannot say enough about how well these products work. I would love to bathe my house in it!!!!

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